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llkka Kautto is the founder of Evolutive Approach©, a strategic change management enterprise dedicated to assisting organisations in delivering end-to-end business transformation, which builds upon client’s own strengths.

Evolutive Approach© is a consulting partner and trusted advisor with the expertise and gravitas to drive and deliver key corporate initiatives. Be it business or digital change projects or advising organizational adjustment or improving lean business process efficiencies.

Ilkka holds two masters level degrees (EQF7): M.Sc Tech (Computer Science and Civil Engineering) as well as a Masters in Business Informatics.

Ilkka is an distinguished expert in utilizing strategic insight, lean, agile, portfolio management as well as project and program management practices simplistically. His core skills are outstanding capabilities to turn complex business organizational challenges into executable improvement. The expertise covers the strategic change space, ranging from corporate strategy development to implementation of large business transformation programs and digital capability programs.

Ilkka has been awarded by the Ministry of Finance Finland and itSMF Finland for creating a groundbreaking business management framework to better focus and improve service offering and digital capability by true core needs knowledge. Ilkka put togehter roughly 50 frameworks and other practices including the Stiglitz-Sen-Fitoussy commission’s ideas about human core needs, resulting a unique framework for focusing large scale service offering, operational efficiency and development activities more effectively and cost consciously.

Early in his career he has been awarded for creating a new business model which is today best known from Tinder and similar profiling based matchmaking services.

Evolutive Approach© originated from the idea that businesses could achieve much greater success if they recognized their full potential and approached their business as a continuous evolution. A large research on the UK top 500 companies revealed that only a small percentage of businesses can achieve continuous long term success without major crisis. Evolution aware management is not widely exploited. This means a huge competitive potential to any business that wants to grasp the opportunity and outperform the rivalry.

The Evolutive Approach© consulting shares similarities with Lean Kaizen philosophy, which emphasizes the continuous improvement and continous expansion of one’s skills. However, the Evolutive Approach© places greater emphasis on practical actions and operational improvements tailored to the client’s specific needs and draws benefits from rigorous project, program and portfolio management.

Ilkka’s first idea to help organizations with recognizing their best strenghs better started in 2014 when consulting a Finnish city of Järvenpää with planning all IT-capabilities to their completely new health clinic building. Since then Ilkka has been offering his services e.g. through a Norwegian strategic advisory group Force Agile and a Finnish conglomerate Sarsa Yhtymä.

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